Nina Manning

Nina has been a big part of the Barre community in Hobart for over 3 years, and has a strong passion for health and fitness. She is a social worker by trade, and brings a strong supportive and understanding vibe to classes (combined in with a wicked dry humour). If you attend Nina’s classes, you’ll receive a kick-ass workout and a seriously good time!

Ellie Griffiths

Ellie has been working in the fitness industry for 2 years, after a change in direction from hospitality. She loves to empower women through exercise and fitness, and has worked with all age groups. She loves to snowboard, to travel up to Bicheno and spend time at her shack, and she loves teaching barre classes and seeing the results clients get from them.

Kylie Slyp

In 2010 Kylie was encouraged to try a group fitness class with the promise “it will be fun, you’ll love it!”. Fast forward 6 years and she’s saying the same thing to her clients! With a fitness background that includes Zumba, Pump, MMA fitness, Barre, and PT, she’s sure to bring a challenge to your workout regardless of where you are in your fitness journey. Make sure you bring your sense of humour, and a willingness to give that little bit extra to your workout – we guarantee you’ll leave the class with a smile!

Dolly Davidson

Dolly has had a passion and interest in fitness since her mum took her to her first step aerobic class at 13 and she’s felt the benefits of regular exercise since then. At 15 she started working as a receptionist at a large health club and was promoted to manager at 18. She moved to Tasmania four years ago where she decided to move into the teaching side of fitness and has loved teaching from the start; the energy and passion she gets to see in people and help to bring out really motivates her to carry on in this journey.

BurnTheory incorporates all her different passions and beliefs in fitness. She feels all clients need the high energy cardio workout along with great barre burn and the yoga soul to stretch all out and help connect the side and body again.

Emma Ring

Emma has been making her clients laugh, shake, burn and smile in classes for two years. She has an infectious personality and every class is brings this energy to each and every class. She enjoys being outdoors, cultivating succulents, great food and spending time with friends. If you are after a pick-me-up, a laugh and a burst of energy, Emma’s classes are the perfect option.

Hannah McDonald

Hannah has been involved in the Hobart fitness scene for over 10 years and has been teaching and instructing Barre, HIIT and Pilates classes for 5 years. Her classes are filled with an infectious energy, laughter, sweat and fun, and she weaves in higher intensity movements to make you sweat and burn. If you are looking for a huge boost of energy and to work harder than you have before, Hannah is your girl.


I have my core strength back! I don’t like gyms so find the space inviting and where I’m worked hard – Amazing!

 – Mandy –

Great community and so much support from everyone including class participants and instructors. Feeling very strong in the lower body and really toned, strong and lean.

 – Jen M –

I’m much more happier, more confident and feel much better about myself.

 – Chloe B –

Never have I been in better shape! I struggle to workout on my own and get the most out of it, but I found BurnTheory has increased my fitness and keeps me motivated.

 – Julia G –

I first noticed BurnTheory by signing on for a 4 week challenge. It’d been a long time between workouts and I’m not spring chicken (!) so I rocked up on day 1 with trepidation. Four weeks later I was a convert… My muscle strength went through the roof and I just felt like I stood taller! For the first time in years I can see a whole body change so I’ll not be stopping BT Barre and Sweat classes any time soon.

 – Amal C –