Your Journey


I have my core strength back! I don’t like gyms so find the space inviting and where I’m worked hard – Amazing!

 – Mandy –

Great community and so much support from everyone including class participants and instructors. Feeling very strong in the lower body and really toned, strong and lean.

 – Jen M –

I’m much more happier, more confident and feel much better about myself.

 – Chloe B –

Never have I been in better shape! I struggle to workout on my own and get the most out of it, but I found BurnTheory has increased my fitness and keeps me motivated.

 – Julia G –

I first noticed BurnTheory by signing on for a 4 week challenge. It’d been a long time between workouts and I’m not spring chicken (!) so I rocked up on day 1 with trepidation. Four weeks later I was a convert… My muscle strength went through the roof and I just felt like I stood taller! For the first time in years I can see a whole body change so I’ll not be stopping BT Barre and Sweat classes any time soon.

 – Amal C –