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The fitness culture, where real-world women thrive

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Three effective fitness methods, made fun, in a place you’ll feel at home (we work hard, and sometimes we eat cake). 


Sound like you? Read more about our Burn Theory ethos here.
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Join us for a class focusing on one of three super effective fitness methods - barre, yoga & core and boxing. The three methods work together like a treat, or you might find one method that’s just you all over.  One thing’s for sure: try just one class and you’ll get a taste of the warm, welcoming, BurnTheory culture we’ve become famous for (in our own backyard, soon to be the globe).

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Thrive Online

Our online program is our way of helping those of you that can't make it to the studio - through our 6 week personalised one-on-one coaching program, and our Thrive online monthly membership.

Our coaching and Thrive membership recognise you're a human, and whole-self health isn't just about exercise and nutrition. That's why we hit the big three: fitness, mindset and nutrition, with a big difference: we focus on the whole woman. And our chunked-down approach to achieving reasonable goals, allows room for real-life. 

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The Burn Pod

We are all about being a little bit extra - aka giving you extra. Empowering you with take-home movement, mindset, lifestyle and nutritional tools and knowledge. It's whole-self health for real-world women.

Burn Pod is all about adding real depth and conversation to the BurnTheory community. Many fitness communities say they’re all about culture - on this podcast we are living it, and sharing it so you can grow your knowledge of wellbeing & health, and find instant inspiration to Thrive every day.

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The fitness culture, where real-world women thrive 

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