Thrive Now: Grab our 2 week step-by-step guide to reset and reboot your fitness, food and mindset

28 Days to Kickstart and Reboot!

Our bespoke 28 day challenge program reboots your fitness, food & mindset, and gets you the results you're after.

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Here's just a sneak peak into the 28 Day Challenge Program!

Not only do we combine our in-studio and online classes with a real-world approach to food over 28 days, but also help you to craft a strong mindset; all wrapped up with plenty of guidance, support and accountability.


28 Days in our program to reboot, reset and kickstart your healthy, fit and active lifestyle.

For those that need a little extra when it comes to getting started, our 4 week program has helped hundreds of real-world women get fitter, stronger, healthier and happier.

Not only do we help you kick those kilos, but our program is focused on building the good habits into your life for the long-term.

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Change your body, your mind and your relationship with your health and fitness, for good:

  • 4 weeks of access to unlimited barre, boxing, core and yoga classes in our studio
  • 4 weeks of unlimited access to our online program to support you from home
  • A 4 week meal plan, setting out each meal, with shopping lists and recipes to take the hard work and thinking out of it.
  • We build in 4 mindset modules that get you to unlock bad habits and self-sabotage patterns, and put in place strong habits to serve you
  • Accountability, support and coaching throughout, including two one on one sessions, weekly email and in-class check-ins, body scanning and one incredible community at your back

This is a dedicated health, fitness and mindset program to give you results, for good.

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Supportive, encouraging, non-judgemental and fun environment catering to all ages and levels of fitness. The team is fantastic and the women that are members are equally so. A great way to kick start your health and fitness journey, I couldn’t recommend it enough.

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Really happy I joined this fabulous group - lovely bunch of ladies. thank you for making me feel good about myself again. Cheers!

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I felt a general feeling of ‘wellness’; feeling good about myself again knowing I’m doing something positive. Also the gain in strength and some weight (fat) loss!

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