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About Us

Have you been looking for a place you can turn up, just as you are? Where you don’t have to be at a certain fitness level to start, or feel like you need to turn up in the latest designer activewear? Somewhere that cares about helping you thrive, for life - not just for an hour. Oh, and where you can actually have a laugh and enjoy your workout - while getting results?

Welcome to BurnTheory, the fitness culture where real-world women thrive. 

What’s BurnTheory all about?

  • Three super effective fitness methods: Barre, Yoga & Core and Boxing. 

  • Online and in-studio options so you can get your BurnTheory thrive on,  wherever you’re live.

  • Feel supported and thrive monthly with our monthly online membership program - designed to keep you motivated, to empower you to create those healthy LONG-TERM changes, and to provide a community of like-minded women with you on your journey.

  • Live just a little too far away (or a lot further away) than Hobart and want some one on one help? We've got you covered with our 6 week personalised coaching program; designed to completely transform your relationship with food, exercise and your mindset!

  • In-studio: each of our 3 fitness methods will get you super effective results as a stand-alone, or together 

  • Methods have been created for long-term results: isometric movements in Barre build strength in smaller muscle groups, Yoga & Core increases flexibility and carves a strong mid-section, boxing adds both a cardio burn and more strength.
  • We focus on mindset as much as fitness: our empathetic, experienced trainers adapt to class and individual needs, our online program builds in mindset modules and our community don’t just say we’re a family...we actually are (and we have the cake crumbs and juicy online conversations to prove it). 
  • We laugh. We eat cake. We drink wine. And most of us don’t own matching sets of activewear (but if you do, we love you too!). 
  • Easy program options: 

Monthly online membership, In-studio membershipOne-on-One Coaching

  • Plus so much extra: our podcast, social media (facebook, instagram) and Tribe Vibes events provide more support than your fave sports bra. Engage with all of these and feel so immersed in our culture, you won’t be able to help feeling that famous BurnTheory thrivin’ vibe. 

Got more questions? Contact us here.

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