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  • THRIVE online portal with on-demand exercise videos, programming, food & nutrition plans, and mindset support
  • Live virtual barre, boxing, yoga and core classes every week, plus get set up to box at home
  • Online support, workshops and accountability
  • Options for small group coaching, personal coaching and food programming - (oh! and one heck of a community!)

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And because hearing about others' experiences is really the best way to know if it’s right for you, just scroll down to see what others have to say

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I have been struggling with my weight on and off over the past 10 years. Apart from not being happy with myself physically, I am very much an emotional eater and used food as a way for instant gratification to feel better. I’ve tried other weight loss programs but I lost interest – it wasn’t a long term solution.

I joined the program because I needed to ‘reset’ my body both physically and
mentally regarding my habits.
The results? Well I created new habits that I can stick to, that lead me on the
right path to losing weight and I’m enjoying foods, healthy ones in particular!

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Before I started I was dreading having to deny myself the bad foods that I
constantly craved, but with the plan I have discovered new foods and tastes that satisfy me and that keep me full. My mindset around food has definitely changed!

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it wasn’t just like other programs that just give you a set of exercises and send you on your way. There was a lot more support, more accountability. And the Mindset program was really different. It focused on WHY I had these
behaviours and habits, and how to go about changing it. It was really different to anything else I’ve tried!
I feel so much healthier within myself, so much fitter, and I noticed that I’m just a
lot more confident (because I know I can do this)!

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