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Your own personal coach, empowering you to THRIVE.

Our bespoke 6 week personalised coaching program is customised to fit your needs, your goals and definitely your real-world lifestyle.

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This is Jess. Our coaching changed everything for her!

Jess completely changed her habits, her relationship with food, fitness AND herself through our Coaching program.


We work alongside you, one-on-one, to create your ideal holistic, healthy lifestyle and find that body love and wellbeing you’re after.

No more going it alone, no more trial and error, no more wasting hours, money and mental energy on quick fixes, depressing diets or 24 hour gym memberships.

A complete body, mind and lifestyle 6 week transformation with one-on-one coaching, personalised fitness and food programs, and mindset modules to reframe your relationship with your body and your wellbeing.

Change your body, your mind and your relationship with your health and fitness, for good:

  • Individualised programs built out for you by our coaches, based on your goals, your current lifestyle and your fitness and food levels
  • Learn to love movement (we promise!) with specialised barre, core and HIIT classes, and your own tailored movement program
  • Reset your mind and overcome any blocks, self-sabotage and bad habits holding your back from feeling amazing, and get in flow and ease with your wellbeing
  • One-on-one coaching calls to keep you on track and keep you accountable, plus your own app to track and record your progress throughout the program
  • Enjoy nourishing, healthy and fulfilling meals, and work these into your lifestyle with your own detailed food program – that’s family friendly AND doesn’t feel like you’re denying yourself
  • Connect deeply with your dedicated coach, get access to our signature monthly THRIVE membership for free, and get all the support, accountability and love from our online community.

This isn’t your ordinary online fitness program.

This is a dedicated health, fitness and mindset coaching program to give you results, for good.

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One-on-one Coaching and individualised programs

The most popular and beneficial part of the program is the one-on-one programming, personalised App and goal setting. We work with you to build out a program for your fitness and food that works within your lifestyle and achieves the goals you set out to meet. From here, you’ll have an App that will keep you accountable, track and record your progress and which helps guide you each and every day.


Accountability is the difference between sticking to something or letting bad habits win again. So, we check in with you, one-on-one each fortnight. Not only that, but we keep you accountable, motivated and supported throughout the program with our amazing private Facebook Group, THRIVE monthly (free access) and 24/7 access to your coaches.

Detailed mindset and lifestyle focused weekly modules

Losing the mental strain and enjoying a lifestyle that includes movement, healthy eating and body love, comes down to getting your mindset right. We will work each week through carefully developed modules to overcome your blocks, self-sabotage, overwhelm, self-doubt, food guilt and negative self-talk, and create a lifestyle that matches what you truly want.

Workout program

Our workout programs are designed with you, for you specifically, and to meet your goals. These will be developed with your coach during your one-on-one setting up call, and tweaked as the program continues.

Making changes that suit you and building out a workout program you’ll actually stick with!

Food planning and recipes

This program is not about counting calories or limiting yourself.

It’s about learning to treat your body with foods that nourish you, lift you up and make you feel good!

You’ll have a food program designed that is EASY to follow for us busy women, that makes organisation easy and DOES NOT include boiled chicken and broccoli!

Not only that but we’ll provide you with exactly what to eat, what to prepare and what to shop for each week.

Organisation and education

Learn to craft organisational habits that make food and fitness EASY and fit within your lifestyle. Not only follow a program, but LEARN your triggers, your emotional eating patters, the reasons for your motivational slumps and how to move and eat for the body you want.

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Feeling positive as I’ve finally lost some weight (which has been a huge battle for me for a while!), plus my body fat percentage is down!

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Win: Birthday Dinner – Had a great night out, enjoyed myself without overdoing it. No guilt and made good choices…I feel more in control and I’m making better choices and celebrating this!

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I’m losing weight and not being tempted by naughty foods, feeling super satisfied! I’m focusing on being organised and keeping up the good mental focus and concentration on the program.

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