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We get you’re a real woman, in the real world with real stuff on. And sometimes it’s easy to let life get in the way of your wellbeing goals.

Enter The BurnTheory Podcast (aka - The Burn Pod). 

A podcast designed to support whole-self health for real-world women. Four key areas come together to motivate, educate and empower you to live your best life. We get stuck in to all things exercise and movement, food/nutrition/body-love, mindset and lifestyle to enhance wellbeing. 

When you need a little extra inspiration to thrive - the BurnTheory podcast (Burn Pod) has this in spades.

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Episode 13: Perimenopause with special guest Renee Irvine

In the second of our 3 part series on menopause, Hannah and Renee chat about how nutrition and naturopathy can help us navigate perimenopause. 

Show notes here


Episode 12: Perimenopause with special guest Kristen Brown

In the first of our 3 part series on the big M (menopause) Hannah is joined by Kirsten Brown, one of three incredible women that head up the Peri Project, a collaboration designed to support women to take charge of their perimenopause experience, minimise the disruption and maximise health and wellbeing.

Show notes here


Episode 11: Mindi Salt’s whole-self health journey

Original Burn Babe ambassador Mindi has had a pretty amazing health and wellbeing journey, which we will deep dive into. We hope that you find some inspiration and relatability with her story.

Show notes here


Episode 10: Injury Management and Prevention Part 3

In the final of our 3 part series on injury management and prevention Hannah is chatting to Chrissy Tadros from All Care Physio about specific common injuries and keeping active during recovery. 

Show notes here

Episode 9: Injury Management and Prevention Part 2

In part 2 of our 3 part series on injury management and prevention Hannah is chatting to Chrissy Tadros from All Care Physio in further detail, looking at different types of injuries.

Show notes here

Episode 8: Injury Management and Prevention

In this episode Hannah is chatting to Chrissy Tadros from All Care Physio about injury prevention and management.

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Episode 7: Planning and Organising

This episode follows on from our previous podcast, Episode 6: Reflecting and setting your next year up for success. In this episode, we take the next step and actually organise ourselves to work towards those goals.

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Episode 6: Reflection and planning

Hannah guides you through self-reflection and review exercises, and then uses the information gathered to inform some motivational goal setting for the new year. 

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Episode 5: A Sustainable Christmas

Hannah chats with Sustomi founder Bronwyn about reducing waste and celebrating Christmas in a sustainable way.

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Episode 4: Nutrition and Gut Health (during the silly season)

Hannah chats with Tasmanian based nutritionist Sophie Hanley about gut health and ways to embrace healthy habits in the silly season.  

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Episode 3: Managing Stress & Expectations 

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Today’s episode is about managing stress and expectations, particularly coming into the silly season. And on today’s episode, we are very lucky to be joined by Allison Wells, the Director and clinical psychologist at the Psyche Mental Health Centre, a Tasmanian-based mental health clinic that offers high quality evidence-based psychological services to Tasmanians of all ages.

Episode 2: Motivation

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In episode two of the Burn Pod Hannah talks with some of the BurnTheory ambassadors about motivation. Digging into why we lose motivation in the first place and some real world tips on how to get back on track when you slip up.

Episode 1: The BurnTheory Story

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In this episode Hannah tells the story of BurnTheory and her journey building the business into the supportive thriving community it is today. Access the show notes here.


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