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Sometimes, you just want to escape the hustle of life and reset your mind, your body and yourself.

We wanted to create an experience - a retreat - where we don’t just do yoga and drink green smoothies, but where you can be loved up with movement, nourishing foods, mindset support and space to, well, do you!

Nestled down in southern Tasmania, we shut out the rat race and take away the mum duties/doggy duties and work pressures. Switch off and rejuvinate while we do the work for you (except maybe physically doing the bootcamps - that’s gotta be you!). 

We mixed this peace and quiet with your very own personal chef taking care of the cooking and cleaning, your own personal trainer guiding and encouraging you to sweat, strengthen, tone and lengthen, and your own mindset coach to help sift out bad habits, create healthy habits and let go of thoughts and patterns that don’t serve you.


Over 3 days you will be treated to dedicated exercise training, targeted to boost the metabolism, burn fat, build strength and endurance and send you sprinting into your fitness and health goals. We’ll be working through body-sculpting boot camp-style sessions and our signature barre sessions to truly kick-start your fitness results.

We will also be running dedicated yoga and meditation classes, core and barre classes to enhance your mobility, flexibility and reset after our stronger fitness sessions.

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Our main focus during our workshop time is to shift bad habits, beliefs and thoughts holding you back from reaching your potential, and implement strong habits that support your ideal lifestyle and health.

These workshops are 100% designed for you to create flow and ease with your fitness, food and your wellbeing.

By the end of the retreat, not only have you reset your fitness (grown stronger, fitter and leaner), but you will have completely reset your mind to support your ultimate goals!

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Food and Nourishment 

Our very own chef will be with us throughout the retreat, crafting the freshest, tastiest and healthiest meals to rejuvenate and nourish your bodies as you build and cultivate new comfort zones. You’ll have all of the energy and nutrients you need to perform at your best. Your nutrition will be timed to ensure you have good pre-workout glycogen levels so you burn fat and stay lean, and recover from your exercise and intensive mind-set sessions.

Dietary requirements MUST be discussed with us. Please contact us via phone or email

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Our beautiful retreat space is in southern Tasmania, surrounded by native bush, green paddocks, water views and fresh air. Vast grounds to spread out and explore, or just find a quiet space on the deck to settle into a good book and a cuppa.

Our intention is that you lock up your cars, put away the phones and just switch off fully - be present - and create the best version of you.

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One time payment


Costs break down to $266 per day

  • 3 nights and 4 days accommodation in our retreat
  • All main meals and snacks each day during your stay
  • Bootcamps, barre/core/strengthening sessions and yoga and meditation sessions every day
  • Mindset focussed workshops
  • Complete organisation done for you - cooking, cleaning, organising activities - complete relaxation

Price excludes flights (if required) and transport, and any additional accommodation for extended stays.

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“I couldn’t recommend this retreat highly enough – it was worth every cent and in the scheme of things, money means nothing if you don’t have your health and wellbeing. Exactly what I needed and amazing value for money” 

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“It was the perfect mix of hard work and relaxation – challenging Boot camps, inspiring workshops and fabulous food” 

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“How amazing it was – it covered fitness, emotional, spiritual elements and I found a new sense of confidence and learnt to be kinder to myself.” 

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