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Burn's creator - Hannah

Hannah believes whole-heartedly that you can be fit, healthy, and you can thrive. Starting from exactly where you are, right now. 

That you don’t have to look a certain way to be strong, healthy and your best you. 

And that's where BurnTheory was born - to fill the clear gap in the market for a space where women could feel themselves; where they didn’t necessarily have to buy into the “green smoothies and crop tops’ culture to be their own ''fitspiration.”

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The Burn Team

Our team have come together to create a space for women just like them - women who love to move, sweat, stretch and strengthen - but actually, also want a good glass of wine and a proper full meal at the end of a big day. 

Not only do the team LOVE to give a killer class, and support big and small health breakthroughs... but they have created a culture based around community.  This is a place where women can feel at home, find their “third" family, have a tough workout and… have fun (a crucial element that sadly seems to have been left behind in hardcore fitness culture). 

We help you be best version of you, through not only in-gym methods but also online spaces where real-world women thrive*. 

*(and go home post-workout with a smile on their faces, potentially for a glass of wine…). 

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