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Coaching Program

Our personalised one-on-one coaching program provides that extra layer for those who are ready to make wellbeing a top priority. BurnTheory’s holistic ethos pairs all the benefits of the three pronged online program - workouts, mindset and nutrition - with that extra robust layer of your own coach to keep you accountable, motivated and feeling upbeat about your goals: no matter what life throws at you. 

This is about thriving for life - not the short term - and everything about the online program is elevated that extra notch with your one-on-one coaching sessions. We see you - you’re a real-world woman with a real life - and our coaching program brings in every successful element of BurnTheory’s ethos to set you up for success: whatever success looks like for YOU. 

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THRIVE Online and from Home

Thriving has never been made easier: our signature online program for real-world women with real lives. Workouts, mindset and nutrition, all in one spot. A strictly no-cookie cutter approach to wellbeing.

  1. Online THRIVE portal housing on-demand exercise vids, exercise programming, food & nutrition focus and mindset support
  2. Live virtual barre, core, yoga and boxing classes weekly
  3. Monthly new release issues, including over 20 new pre-recorded classes, workshop, exercise scheduler and exercise program.

Oh, and did we mention that community & social connection you're probably missing at the moment? Yup. we got that covered too!

It’s time to get your wellbeing game sorted - let us be your guide to a thriving life - your way.

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"I have been struggling with my weight on and off over the past 10 years…I joined the program to reset my body both physically and mentally regarding my relationship with food and to establish healthy habits….I created new habits that I can stick to that are leading me on the right path to losing weight! More importantly, I have also started prioritising myself! My mindset around food has definitely changed!

Weight has come off and I’m now looking at new clothes to buy. Haven’t wanted to do this for a while!"


"The thing that really sets this apart is the mindset - you can follow a meal plan and an exercise plan, but if you don’t uncover the roots of the problems, then you’re just doing a quick fix, and nothing sticks! This is different!"

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"I needed some help to create better choices and changes in my life…I really liked it because it had a lot more support compared to other programs, a lot more accountability, and the mindset modules focused on why I had those habits. it never felt like I was denying myself - it was actually very different experience to any other program.

I feel so much healthier within myself, so much fitter, and I’m a lot more confident - and feel like I’ve got it this time around!"

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